Robert Zemeckis Says His 'Roger Rabbit' Sequel Would Have a Digital Bob Hoskins

Robert Zemeckis Says His 'Roger Rabbit' Sequel Would Have a Digital Bob Hoskins

Nov 29, 2016

The sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been teased for decades. The book the movie was based on has received two follow-ups over the years, so the titular animated character's return to the big screen didn't seem impossible. And in 2012, we heard reports of something described as more of a prequel, with director Robert Zemeckis claiming it was all scripted and awaiting Disney approval. But then live-action star Bob Hoskins died in 2014, and we assumed nothing more was ever going to happen there.

Two more years later, and Zemeckis is talking about a Roger Rabbit sequel again. In an interview with The Telegraph, he not only says a "magnificent" script is finished, he describes its plot. The movie, which is "more a continuation than a sequel," follows Roger and cartoon human wife Jessica Rabbit “into the next few years of period film, moving on from film noir to the world of the 1950s." And no worries about Hoskins being deceased, because his character, Eddie Valiant, will be a ghost this time around.

But won't they still need Hoskins to play that ghost? “It would be very hard to do, but we would do a digital Bob Hoskins," Zemeckis explains. Perhaps the actor signed off on that being OK before he died, or his family has approved the plan, but that might not matter anyway. Zemeckis is certain the sequel will never happen. He says, "The current corporate Disney culture has no interest in Roger, and they certainly don’t like Jessica at all.”

Head over to The Telegraph for more from Zemeckis, mostly on his new movie, Allied, and its lead actor, Brad Pitt, but also his negative thoughts on sequels in general and how he believes the Back to the Future follow-ups are the best sequels after The Godfather Part II.




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