Comic-Con: Robert Rodriguez Offers Updates on 'Sin City 2,' 'Machet 2 & 3' and More

Comic-Con: Robert Rodriguez Offers Updates on 'Sin City 2,' 'Machet 2 & 3' and More

Jul 22, 2011

Robert RodriguezThursday afternoon while it seemed like the rest of Comic-Con waited eagerly outside of Room 20 for the Game of Thrones panel, a small contingent trekked over to Hall H for a presentation by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez, who is admittedly prone to making tons of announcements that only sometimes come to fruition, seemed energized as he updated fans about a few of his pre-existing projects, and offered up a handful of others about which we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

Here are six things that we learned from Robert Rodriguez’ Quick Draw panel on Thursday at Comic-Con:

You know those fake trailers for sequels at the end of Machete? Well, they were real.

If you thought that Rodriguez was working with a tissue-thin concept when he made a full-length Machete movie, expect it to be further tested with not one but two sequels, which he said that their distributor Fox has already greenlit. “The second one for sure, we’re going right into, which is called Machete Kills. The third one is going to be called Machete Kills Again.” In pure Leprechaun form, Rodriguez said he can’t wait to take the character to places far, far away from the original film’s concept. “I can’t wait to do part 3, because that is a space opera; there are space babes and a machete-shaped lightsaber. It’s Machete kills again - in space! To see a badass Mexican in space, it’s really rare so we thought it was a new frontier.”

Robert Rodriguez takes credit for 3D, and plans to add another dimension to the theatrical experience.

“Eight years ago I made Spy Kids 3 in 3D, and I brought 3D back to the theaters,” he observed. “I believe in the extra added value of coming to the movies, so we thought, if we do another Spy Kids, we have to do it in 4D.” What is 4D, you ask? “Kids are going to go crazy for this,” he said. “It’s in ‘aromascope.’ There will be eight instances throughout the movie where a number will flash, and whatever the character is smelling, you smell that. So when they’re having bacon, you’ll have the fresh smell of bacon.”

Sin CityIf that long-awaited Sin City sequel is ever going to happen, it’s going to happen soon.

Rodriguez more or less admitted that sequels to Sin City were essentially a pipe dream up until recently. “There is a scenario where Frank [Miller] has written a script for Sin City 2,” he revealed. “We’re kind of following the structure of the first movie where there’s three stories and a wraparound. So one of the stories will be “A Dame To Kill For,” and another one will be a new story that Frank’s written. It’s called “The Long, Bad Night,” so you get an idea of what you’re in store for. But if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen this year.” Just in case you were worried there wouldn’t be enough D’s, he has plans for the way he wants to shoot it: “I had an idea for doing that in 3D in a way it hasn’t been used before, which I think would translate really well to that format.”

Rodriguez insists he can do what David Fincher couldn’t – put together a new Heavy Metal film.

After David Fincher’s plans for a Heavy Metal movie stalled during the post-production of Benjamin Button, Rodriguez discovered that the film rights reverted to the owner of the property, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman. He said that much like with Sin City, he wants to create a new anthology film that pays tribute not just to the aesthetic, but the idea of Heavy Metal.

Rodriguez plans to pick up the baton where David Fincher left off with Heavy Metal. “Heavy Metal was one of the reasons I was interested in Barbarella a few years back, because I thought that might be my only chance to make a Heavy Metal-type movie,” he said. “It always inspired me, and I just love the idea of artists from all over the world coming to show their best work. There’s something about the idea of Heavy Metal – it’s bigger than what anyone has ever been able to do with it, whether in the movie or even the magazine.”

Following the success of his Grindhouse trailer competition, Rodriguez is offering fans another shot at participating in one of his film projects.

The DVD for Grindhouse features a trailer for Hobo With a Shotgun, the winning entry in a contest mounted by Rodriguez for fans of his collaboration with Tarantino, and of course, the b-grade fare that inspired it. Teaming up with Badass Digest, Rodriguez is doing the same for Heavy Metal fans, offering them the chance to submit ideas for what may become one of the stories in his Heavy Metal reboot. “I want everybody to have an opportunity to work on it,” he insisted. “So we put up a website, because what would Heavy Metal be without its fans? Participate – if you have an idea. Do it for yourself. Do it for Heavy Metal. Because you might win.” (Submit ideas at

Frank FrazettaRobert Rodriguez loves iconic fantasy artist Frank Frazetta so much that he’s not just making a movie in tribute to him, he’s literally creating a museum in his honor.

Frank Frazetta is best known for his pneumatic paintings of buxom heroines and bemuscled men battling against fantastic creatures – all of which appeared in the Frazetta-influenced 1986 film Fire And Ice, which Rodriguez wants to remake in the artist’s honor. “I got the rights, and we’re going to do Frank Frazetta’s Fire And Ice, and the whole idea is to make it using the technology I used for Sin City, because I want it to be as if you stepped into one of his paintings.” Thus far Rodriguez has solicited work from only three artists, but they produced enough concept art for a three-minute clip at Thursday’s panel. “A Death Dealer [movie] will be after that. But my goal is to make the first of many definitive Frank Frazetta films that really showcase his work and his sensibilities.” Meanwhile, he’s working with Frazetta Properties to build a museum in Austin, TX, where fans can come and see Frazetta’s original artwork on display. “We want you to walk into it as if you’re walking in to one of his paintings,” he said.

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