Robert Pattinson to Play Lawrence of Arabia for Werner Herzog

Robert Pattinson to Play Lawrence of Arabia for Werner Herzog

Aug 14, 2012

If even just two years ago you tried to predict what kind of movies the stars of Twilight would be making once the teen-vampire franchise was over, you'd have been called a madman had you accurately predicted the trajectory of Robert Pattinson's career. It seemed an inspired move for the star to break from his heartthrob, dream-guy persona to headline David Cronenberg's adaptation of the dark and twisted Cosmopolis (opening in select theaters this Friday), and now it looks like Pattinson is in no rush to return to safe Hollywood blockbusters.

Variety is reporting that he's now attached to costar in Queen of the Desert for the great Werner Herzog. He'll be joining star Naomi Watts in the biopic about the pioneering female adventurer Gertrude Bell. Watts will of course be playing Bell, while Pattinson will be playing Bell's longtime friend, T.E. Lawrence, who movie fans will perhaps know best as Lawrence of Arabia.

From Twilight to Cronenberg to Herzog. You'd need a crystal ball to call that one.

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