Ben Stiller to Replace Tim Burton on a 'Pinocchio' Movie Starring Robert Downey Jr. in Dual Roles

Ben Stiller to Replace Tim Burton on a 'Pinocchio' Movie Starring Robert Downey Jr. in Dual Roles

Jul 15, 2013

Does the world need a Pinocchio adaptation? We're still not sure, but news has surfaced that the film Robert Downey Jr. was attached to star in as Geppetto, the woodcarver and father of the animated puppet, that once had Tim Burton attached to direct will now be directed by Ben Stiller. And it turns out that RDJ will possibly take on a dual role in the film as Geppetto and the boy puppet himself.

Bleeding Cool shared the report about the Tropic Thunder collaborators. The script for the fairy tale adaptation was in the hands of X-Men: Days of Future Past cowriter Jane Goldman (rewriting Bryan Fuller's screenplay). The website reports that it's still in development while sharing this tidbit taken from Fuller's script that sounds totally Burton-esque. Whether it made the cut is unknown at this time:

"Pinochhio is being expected to crawl into what essentially amounts to his grave and to lie there until he sprouts back into a tree. It’s potentially quite nightmarish, in a may-I-sew-buttons-into-your-eyes way."

Having Tony Stark headline your movie is never a terrible thing. Disney's Pinocchio makes lying seem adorable, but the literary Pinocchio is kind of a jerkface. Author Carlo Collodi created a dark and surprisingly violent story when he wrote the fable in 1883. If the studio wants a movie true to the story's roots, then Burton made sense as a director, but Stiller less so. RDJ previously indicated that he'd like to make the movie without "resorting to animation," so could his part as the puppet be a voice role? Speculate away in the comments section.

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