Robert Downey Jr. and Warner Bros. to Breathe New Life Into 'Perry Mason'

Robert Downey Jr. and Warner Bros. to Breathe New Life Into 'Perry Mason'

Oct 05, 2011

Perry Mason ComicPerry Mason apparently will not die.  No, the character - an LA defense attorney in the 1930s - isn't immortal (though an undead lawyer would certainly make for an interesting twist), but every couple decades he manages to climb his way back into the spotlight.  He was first conceived of by lawyer-turned-novelist Erle Stanley Gardner in 1933.  Ten years and over two-dozen novels later, Mason was reborn as a radio series that ran until 1955.  A few years after that he was once again reborn in the form of a very popular television show starring Raymond Burr as the titular DA.  Since then he's faded a bit in popularity save for a movie here and there, but now Warner Bros. and Team Downey are hoping to make him and all his friends stars once again.

Team Downey is of course the name of Robert Downey Jr.'s production company, but that doesn't mean he'll automatically be starring in the untitled film.  His presence in front of the cameras is up in the air right now, but at the very least he'll have a big impact behind the scenes.  The new film will be based on an idea cooked up by Downey Jr. and fellow producer David Gambino, and though Variety doesn't spill the details on what that story will be or if it's even still envisioned as a period piece, they do confirm that it is an original idea and not taken from one of the 82 novels written by Gardner.

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