Watch: Robert Downey Jr. Stars in Weird 'Cabin in the Woods'-esque TV Commercial

Watch: Robert Downey Jr. Stars in Weird 'Cabin in the Woods'-esque TV Commercial

Aug 15, 2013


If you want to draw serious attention to your product and create something to separate it from the competition, you have to pull out the big guns. In the case of this commercial, the ammo includes Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. The actor's quirky brand of humor has been charming the pants off audiences (and others, we're sure) for decades, and his superhero popularity means RDJ has been featured in several fantastic ad campaigns in recent years. 

Remember that bizarre, but amazing time-travel short he did for a car company? This time around, the Weird Science star was hired for Android company HTC. The idea is simple, but it's RDJ's deadpan humor and the surreal scenarios that really sell it. (Hello there, Jon Polito. It's nice to see you, too.) What does HTC stand for? The actor has a few suggestions — Hipster Troll Carwash, Huge Tinfoil Catamaran, and Hot Tea Catapult included. And tell us that ending doesn't remind you somewhat of Cabin in the Woods? Great, now we're all freaked out.

Are you ready to ditch your iPhone yet?

[Spotted via io9]

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