Fun Flashback: Watch Robert De Niro Sell Cars in This 1970 Commercial

Fun Flashback: Watch Robert De Niro Sell Cars in This 1970 Commercial

Oct 22, 2013

Robert De NiroIt's easy to forget that even the biggest Hollywood stars were once unknowns trying to get their big break, which is what makes this awesome commercial featuring a very young Robert De Niro so cool to watch. That it's hilariously cheesy is just an added bonus.
Back before Bobby D. was whacking guys, he was busy showing off his 1970 Ambassador to the folks in his neighborhood. Watch as De Niro pulls up in the massive black gas guzzler and freaks out his parents with his crazy opulence. Dad mentions going to college making it possible to afford the luxurious Ambassador (it even has air conditioning! Ooh la la...), but we like to think De Niro really earned this behemoth by making some offers other people couldn't refuse.
Mob jokes aside, it's cool to see how young De Niro is in this clip -- and to watch him tell some street kid to keep his feet off the seat. If De Niro said that to me, I'd keep my feet off the seat too.



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