Watch: 'Robbie,' a Haunting Short Film Created Entirely from NASA Archives

Watch: 'Robbie,' a Haunting Short Film Created Entirely from NASA Archives

Sep 07, 2012

Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey compiled a haunting eight-minute space short using 10 hours of film from the NASA archives during his spare time. Robbie tells the story of a robot that became self-aware after his CPU was refurbished for a North American Space Administration program that enabled the android to do manual tasks. He narrates the short, explaining how he came to be born in 2011 and gives us a snapshot of his life. In 2037 he was sent to space, but in 2045 something "drastic" happened.

He lost contact with Earth and ended up floating in the atmosphere for 6,000 years. The only thing keeping him occupied was a fantasy life he concocted for himself, but the loneliness and isolation overtakes him. "I put these selected shots on an editing timeline and watched them back until characters and narratives began developing in my mind. That is when I met Robbie," Harvey explained. Robbie is surprisingly moving for something created out of stock footage, so give it a watch below, and bring tissues. [via Blastr]


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