Rob Corddry Joins Michael Bay's Action-less 'Pain and Gain'

Rob Corddry Joins Michael Bay's Action-less 'Pain and Gain'

Feb 17, 2012

If you learn that a movie is called Pain and Gain, is directed by Michael Bay, and stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, you don't really need to know much else about it, do you? Your brain automatically adds up that equation, and the natural yield is a buddy cop action movie. And yet, here we are, with a Michael Bay-directed movie on the horizon starring Wahlberg and The Rock called Pain and Gain-- and it is somehow not a buddy cop action movie. It's not even an action movie! It's a character-based comedy about bodybuilders who try to pull off a kidnapping, and it's based off of a real story out of Miami.

That's right, a movie called Pain and Gain will be Michael Bay's first non-action movie. That doesn't mean it'll be bad, and it hardly kills our interest in it, it's just delicious to us. Here's what the Transformers director told EW about the film:

“I just love the characters,” he said. “It’s these guys that work in a gym, and nothing is good enough, do you know what I mean? The pump is not good enough. They are all looking for the American dream. They end up kidnapping. It’s like a mixture of Fargoand Pulp Fiction and it’s all true. And they’re all knuckleheads. It’s a fun character piece. No action. One car crash.”

A Michael Bay movie with only one car crash? What cruel alternate reality have we slid in to?

Anyways, Variety is now reporting that funnyman Rob Corddry is joining the picture's cast. He'll play a former bodybuilder and owner of the gym Wahlberg's character works at, making him a minor accomplice to the kidnapping plot at the heart of the film written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America).

Pain and Gain, which Paramount is producing, does not have a release date yet, but production will begin this spring.

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