Check Out These Sweet Replicas of Ripley's Sneakers from James Cameron's 'Aliens'

Check Out These Sweet Replicas of Ripley's Sneakers from James Cameron's 'Aliens'

Apr 23, 2013

Custom footwear brand Revive set its sights on a James Cameron movie for its newest sneaker mash-up. Thankfully, we're not talking about Titanic. Instead, the company traveled back to 1986 and the Reebok Stompers that Aliens heroine Sigourney Weaver wore when she blasted the Alien queen into space.

The futuristic Reeboks (in red, grey and white) make the perfect space "boot" to kick some Xenomorph ass. The retro-looking shoe has also been the foundation of several other sneaker designs referencing sci-fi films of the 1980s, including Blade Runner and Indiana Jones. We also spotted a blue pair of Aliens Stompers on Amazon, which aren't the same color as Ripley's, but the description by Reebok swears they're "a remake of the popular shoe seen in the 1986 movie Aliens." Another website shows a grey-and-red pair were made that do resemble Ripley's more closely. We can't confirm if either sneaker has the cool Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo on the back like the Revive brand does.

We're hardly the sneaker experts, so we'd love to hear from you if you've purchased any of these before. Feel free to tweet your pics to @Moviesdotcom



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