Ridley Scott Talks 'Blade Runner' Sequel (or Prequel), Harrison Ford Rumors and Teases 'Prometheus 2'

Ridley Scott Talks 'Blade Runner' Sequel (or Prequel), Harrison Ford Rumors and Teases 'Prometheus 2'

Feb 08, 2012

There's been a whole bunch of back-and-forth regarding the new Blade Runner movie that Ridley Scott will be directing at some point, returning him yet again to another one of his most popular sci-fi films. Recent rumors suggested Harrison Ford would be reprising his role as replicant detective Rick Deckard in some fashion, though those rumors were quickly dismissed by producers. Now Scott has chimed in on the whole ordeal, telling Entertainment Weekly that they haven't even decided yet on whether the film would be a prequel or sequel, and until that happens no one is joining the cast.

When pressed on the Harrison Ford casting rumor, Scott admits that he wouldn't rule out the notion of Ford returning to the role, saying, "Absolutely not. But I’m not sure that that’s going to be a story point, so I don’t know. But if it were, nothing would please me more. Honestly." He added that he still doesn't know if Deckard will be featured in the film since it's still too early to tell, though he did tease the possibilities of a Prometheus 2.

"I just thought Prometheus was so enjoyable — returning to the world of science fiction was so fun — that I wanted to [go back to Blade Runner, too]. I’m also thinking about what the hell I might do for a Prometheus 2."

More Blade Runner. More Prometheus. Are there any other Ridley Scott films Ridley Scott should return to? [Please say Black Rain. Please say Black Rain!]

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