Their First Movie: Watch Ridley Scott's 'Boy and Bicycle' from 1962

Their First Movie: Watch Ridley Scott's 'Boy and Bicycle' from 1962

Feb 24, 2014


Looking back at a renowned filmmaker’s oeuvre, there are usually noticeable marks of talent and genius, even in the early years — something unique that sets them apart from the rest. Ridley Scott attended the Royal College of Art and eventually helped establish the school’s film department. During that time, in 1962, he made a 27-minute, 16 mm film that featured his younger brother, the recently departed Tony, as the young protagonist. Their father also appeared in the short.

The footage for Boy and Bicycle was shot in a ravaged-looking, bleak Northeast England town with an industrial skyline. The imagery is striking, and the young Scott’s eye was already drawn to a darker motif. Here we can see elements of future works, particularly in the cooling tower and blast furnaces, suggesting shades of Alien, Blade Runner and Black Rain.

Also, take note of the soundtrack, which is courtesy of James Bond maestro John Barry. The musician was so impressed with Scott’s work, he agreed to produce a new track on the cheap. It would be 15 years before Scott would direct his first feature, but the director was clearly on the path to greatness during his school days.


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