Ridiculous RoboCop Adventures You Might Not Know About

Ridiculous RoboCop Adventures You Might Not Know About

Feb 13, 2014

We all know the RoboCop series consists of three feature films, but he did so much more than that. Through television, video games, commercials, comic books and television again, this is a character who has gone places few know about. So for the curious, here are some of RoboCop's more exciting extracurricular adventures.


RoboCop vs. Pudface Morgan

RoboCop comes up against villainous Pudface Morgan a few times throughout RoboCop: The Series. The best instance comes in episode nine: "Faces of Eve." An OCP product grants people the ability to change their faces for up to three hours at a time. Pudface wants some, not because he's ugly, but because he can use its ability to copy identification details (like retinal patterns) to access RoboCop's programming and set off a self-destruct sequence. This worries RoboCop for a moment, but then he just has his password changed and poor Pudface fails again.


RoboCop vs. RoboCable

The story found within TV miniseries, RoboCop: Prime Directives is actually pretty complicated, but the best parts boil down to RoboCop and RoboCable. It goes like this, Cable is RoboCop's partner. Bad guys hack into RoboCop's program and make him kill Cable. Then bad guys bring Cable back as RoboCable. Then RoboCable and RoboCop join forces to take out bad guys. But it's hard because the bad guys send "robohunters" after them. Eventually, RoboCop saves the day but kills RoboCable in the process, and it's all really sad.


RoboCop vs. the Terminator

You probably already know about RoboCop vs. Terminator, but you may not realize how nuts it was. Written by Frank Miller, the plot starts with three Terminators coming back in time to protect RoboCop from a human resistance fighter, also from the future. Why are they doing this? Because RoboCop's cyborg body is partly responsible for Skynet's strength. So RoboCop does what any good guy would do: He uploads his brain into the Skynet system and bides his time until most of humanity has already died. Then he jumps out into a Terminator body that kind of looks like his RoboCop body and joins the resistance. Or something like that.


RoboCop vs. Various Robotic Animals

RoboCop's first Marvel Comics run finds him coming across various robotic animal foes. In issue number four, "Dead Man's Dreams," he gets attacked by a robot gorilla. A few issues later he takes on a zoo filled with robotic dinosaurs. That's about the coolest possible thing you can do with a RoboCop.


Frank Miller's RoboCop 2

Along with writing RoboCop vs Terminator, Frank Miller also took a shot at the script for RoboCop 2. Much of what he wrote got changed, however, and in 2003 writer Steven Grant adapted Miller's script into comic book form. The results are insane. Actually, the results are somewhat similar to the RoboCop 2 movie except RoboCop 2 the comic book is actually being driven by both a murderer named Kong and a megalomaniacal therapist named Dr. Margaret Love. There is also way more violence on display, and Lewis manages to lose most of her clothing in every scene.


RoboCop vs. Lieutenant Roger Hedgecock

Along with fighting an updated of ED-209 called ED-260, RoboCop also had to deal with dangerous, jealous coworkers in his 1980s animated series. In an episode titled "The Man with the Iron Suit," Lieutenant Roger Hedgecock, a character we barely see in the original film, feels a lot of hatred for RoboCop and wins the chance to don a robot suit himself (one designed by the series' main villain, Dr. McNamara). Hedgecock gives RoboCop a good fight, but when he injures Lewis, RoboCop literally rips him out of the robo-suit. Lucky, Lewis regains consciousness just in time to keep RoboCop from crushing Hedgecock's head.


RoboCop vs. Terminator (again)

Yep. There are two different RoboCop vs. Terminator comics. The second came out in 2011 under the title: Terminator/RoboCop: Kill Human. In this one, the last human on Earth awakens RoboCop at the end of humanity's war with Skynet. RoboCop travels back in time and basically integrates himself into the plot of Terminator 2. It's actually quite insane for a lot of reasons but mostly because it ends with RoboCop letting the T-1000 chop John Conner's head off. This might not be the most heroic interpretation of the character.


Cop Games

RoboCop's second animated series, RoboCop Alpha Commando, is pretty silly. For instance, the episode "Cop Games" finds RoboCop in a goofy Olympics-like competition between police officers. Once the judges get a look at RoboCop's superhuman awesomeness, they disqualify him from the human division and make him compete against other robots. He finds himself surprisingly outmatched, but it doesn't matter because the games are merely a ruse designed to give a cheese-obsessed villain vengeance against the cops who put his mafia family out of business. RoboCop, the other robot cops, and all the regular cops, take him out.


RoboCop vs. Commander Cash

Commander Cash (played by wrestler-turned-actor "Rowdy" Roddy Piper) wants to make the children of America susceptible to his subliminal advertising by lacing his super-popular breakfast cereal "Super Flakes" with an undetectable special ingredient. RoboCop figures all this out and stops Commander Cash before it's too late. So if any of your friends claim RoboCop never battled Roddy Piper, tell them they are wrong.


RoboCop Eats Korean Chicken

At one point in his long and illustrious crime-fighting career, RoboCop managed to walk out of a television set into a middle-class Korean living room where he proceeded to eat a bunch of fried chicken. It would appear he also stole the family's entire refrigerator. We don't know where in RoboCop's timeline this event took place, but it seems to have been during one of his many dark eras.




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