Watch Vin Diesel Fight a Giant Swamp Monster While Rescuing a Tiny Dog

Watch Vin Diesel Fight a Giant Swamp Monster While Rescuing a Tiny Dog

Aug 28, 2013

For those already mourning the end of another summer movie season, here's a little something to lift those spirits out of the gutter and into the arms of a heroic Vin Diesel. It's been nine long years since we last saw the character Riddick on the big screen, but now he's back and just as badass as we remember him. With Riddick due out in theaters on September 6, a bunch of clips are beginning to find their way online, revealing more of what we should expect from the sequel.

This time Riddick is left for dead on a planet full of crazy monsters, which of course he'll need to fight from time to time in order to remain alive long enough for a ship to hopefully rescue him, unless it's full of people who also want him dead. Check out three clips from the film below, with the first being our favorite.

In it Riddick squares off against some kind of wicked-looking swamp monster. That alone is worth a watch, except they up the conflict by throwing in a small doglike creature that Riddick must save while also saving himself. Leave it to Diesel to take the animal-up-a-tree rescue to another, more frightening level. If that's too puny for your tastes, the following two clips are titled "Kill Everyone" and "Execution," in case your movie-watching diet requires something a bit more aggressive.






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