Watch: 'Riddick' Motion Comic Explains the Transition from the Last Film to the New One

Watch: 'Riddick' Motion Comic Explains the Transition from the Last Film to the New One

Jul 30, 2013

Riddick Motion comic

Vin Diesel is set to return to his second most famous role in the Pitch Black sequel Riddick on September 6. To help prepare you for this event, we’ve got a nifty new motion comic that serves as a prequel to the threequel. How’s that for meta?

Diesel growls his way through this new five-minute clip that sets things in motion for his latest cinematic adventure. The popular antihero appears ready for a return to the vicious form he displayed in Pitch Black – going so far as to make what appears to be a veiled jab at the PG-13 rated second film in the series, The Chronicles of Riddick, by pointing out that maybe he got "too civilized."

The new feature finds the character left for dead on an alien planet where he must fight not only the deadly aliens of the series, but also contend with two different groups of bounty hunters. With all these potential enemies, I think it’s safe to say we can expect a lot of action in this one.

Check out the motion comic below (which is slightly Not Safe for Work based on some language and a little violence) and let us know what you think in the comment section. Does this new prequel get you hyped for Riddick’s long-awaited return or should Vin Diesel just stick to driving fast cars?

[via THR]


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