Richard Linklater's 'School of Rock' Is Becoming a TV Show

Richard Linklater's 'School of Rock' Is Becoming a TV Show

Aug 04, 2014


We last saw Jack Black in Sex Tape playing the owner of “YouPorn,” but the comedian once portrayed a much more innocent character in 2003 for Richard Linklater’s School of Rock. The film found Black as a struggling musician who gets work as a substitute teacher and leads his students to victory in a Battle of the Bands. School of Rock charmed the pants off audiences with lots of heart, laughs and kids that didn’t annoy the living daylights out of everyone. Now, Coming Soon reports that Nickelodeon and Paramount Television will be producing a live-action, musical-comedy series based on the film.

Nick has ordered 13 episodes of the series, scheduled to go before cameras this fall. We can expect to see a bevy of talented kids jamming in the spring of 2015. And it seems that Black’s character “Dewey Finn” will remain a major part of the series. Better news is that Linklater and Scott Rudin will executive produce the series, so families should be in for something special. 




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