Richard Linklater to Write and Direct a Bill Hicks Biopic; Here's Everything We Know

Richard Linklater to Write and Direct a Bill Hicks Biopic; Here's Everything We Know

Oct 25, 2018

Richard Linklater has proven himself a versatile filmmaker over the years, but he's never attempted a biopic. He's made a movie about real people, namely Bernie, but he's never depicted the life of a famous figure. Until now. According to Collider, the Boyhood and Dazed and Confused helmer will write and direct a movie about the late stand-up comedian Bill Hicks. 

Here's everything we know about the project so far:

Who was Bill Hicks?

Hicks was a comedian who began doing stand-up in the 1980s and had begun to find fame in the early 1990s before dying of cancer at the age of 32 in 1993. His material was controversial, enough for an entire performance to be cut from Late Show with David Letterman, and eventually became about social commentary over jokes. 

How can I learn more about Hicks and his work?

In addition to seeking out clips of his stand-up work online, there is a great documentary that premiered at SXSW in 2010 called American: The Bill Hicks Story. It's the sort of film where even if you're not a fan of the subject, by its end you'll at least appreciate why he was so significant and influential. Another documentary, Totally Bill Hicks, came out shortly after his death.


What makes Linklater the best person to make a Hicks biopic?

Aside from Linklater and Hicks both hailing from the same part of Houston, Linklater has also been a fan of the comedian since the start. Linklater has said he wished the two of them could have worked together on something. You can see Linklater discussing the doc American and why Hicks was unique and is sorely missed in a 2011 video here

Wasn't someone else going to make a Bill Hicks biopic?

Yes, back in 2012, Russell Crowe was announced as director of a Hicks movie. The actor, who bore a slight resemblance to Hicks in his youth, was also initially thought, years earlier, to be playing the comedian. Whether that project is dead is unclear, but seeing as how Linklater is writing this one, it makes it sound separate. 

Who will play Hicks in Linklater's movie?

Casting for the movie won't happen for a while. 

When will the movie come out?

There is no timeline revealed for the production, but it's possible we'll see Focus Features releasing this in a couple years. 

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