Richard Linklater Is Hoping to Make That 'Dazed and Confused' Spiritual Sequel This Fall

Richard Linklater Is Hoping to Make That 'Dazed and Confused' Spiritual Sequel This Fall

May 22, 2013

Ladies and gents, it looks like we may get that Dazed and Confused spiritual sequel after all! We've been itching for another ensemble comedy from Richard Linklater ever since Dazed and Confused became required viewing in our house at least 47 times each year, and we couldn't have been more ecstatic when word spread that Linklater wanted to make That's What I'm Talking About, which he billed as a sort of spiritual sequel to what's arguably his most successful film to date. "I carefully called it a spiritual sequel to Dazed cause it’s not the same characters. If Dazed was my high school, this is my college," Linklater told Collider back in 2009. "It’s about a weekend in college in that time period. It’s funny… I think it’s the funniest thing I ever wrote."

For years he's been sitting on this movie because apparently no one wanted to distribute it, telling The Playlist in 2010 that "It's just sitting there. I even have it financed, I just have to get a distributor that would do it or would give me enough to make it." Well, here we are in 2013 and it looks like Linklater may have finally found what he was looking for, perhaps due to the overwhelming positive buzz surrounding Before Midnight.

While answering questions during a Reddit AMA [via Flixist], Linklater was asked about That's What I'm Talking About. His response: "Hoping to make it this fall, actually. A college comedy. I feel like mixing it up with a big ensemble." 


Another ensemble comedy from Richard Linklater, who thinks it's the funniest script he's ever written. We're there!

No seriously, we're already in front of our local movie theater waiting for it come out. Is this not a good idea? Should we leave and head to the moon tower instead? [hat tip to @thefilmcynic]



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