'Looper' Director Rian Johnson Will Write and Direct 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

'Looper' Director Rian Johnson Will Write and Direct 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

Jun 20, 2014


Well, this is huge news: J.J. Abrams is not writing or directing Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX. Deadline is reporting that Brick and Looper director Rian Johnson is now tackling both of those movies, however The Wrap is saying he'll only direct VIII and write the treatment for IX.

We really don't have any details beyond the reveal at this point, though it really is a bit of a shock. It's understandable that Abrams may not have wanted to dedicate the next five or so years of his life directing Star Wars movies, but to hand off the core storyline of the franchise he's restarting isn't news we were expecting to hear so soon. But at least it's going to a sci-fi director who really knows his stuff.

This doesn't change any of the spin-off plans, which are still set to be directed by Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank.





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