It Turns Out Rian Johnson Won't Be Writing For 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

It Turns Out Rian Johnson Won't Be Writing For 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

Apr 27, 2017

In 2014 Star Wars fans got some bombshell news. J.J. Abrams would not be returning to the franchise after The Force Awakens. Looper director Rian Johnson was taking up the mantle to direct Star Wars: Episode VIII. And not only that, but Johnson was also going to write the treatment for Episode IX.

That was encouraging news. Changing director wasn't really huge news considering each film of the original trilogy was directed by someone different. But Johnson's involvement in both VIII and IX made it seem like a grand plan for where the story was going had emerged. Sadly, however, it turns out that's not the case.

There most likely is indeed a grand plan in place (Lucasfilm has an entire division devoted to just keeping track of where Star Wars, from movies to games to TV shows, is going), it just technically won't be written by Johnson. The writer-director responded to a fan on Twitter, correcting the record.



It's worth pointing out that Johnson doesn't say that the original report was wrong, just that the info is old. That would seem to imply the initial plan was indeed to have Johnson be invovled with the writing of both episodes. But perhaps when Colin Trevorrow was hired to direct Episode IX, he and Jurassic World writing partner Derek Connolly opted to start fresh instead of working off of someone else's blueprint. 

This isn't the first time the record has been corrected regarding Episode IX, nor is it likely to be the last. Kathleen Kennedy recently had to issue a statement saying that Carrie Fisher had not, despite an earlier report, filmed material for Trevorrow's movie.

Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit theaters on December 15, 2017. Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars: Episode IX just had its release date set for May 24, 2019.

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