Watch Kevin Smith Tell the Hilarious 'Superman Lives' Story (Plus Read the Script)

Watch Kevin Smith Tell the Hilarious 'Superman Lives' Story (Plus Read the Script)

Feb 05, 2013

Nic Cage Superman LivesFor a movie that never got made, Superman Lives has been in the news a lot lately. Last week, we shared news about John Schnepp’s plan to make a documentary about the failed Tim Burton movie, and today we revisit a leaked version of Kevin Smith’s draft of the screenplay.

This version of the script has been floating around in cyberspace for the past few years (so you may have seen it already), but with a sudden uptick in interest in the film lately, this seemed like a good time to dig it up and share it again.

Back when it was originally announced that Smith was going to write the screenplay, many of us were excited. Comic movies hadn’t quite taken off yet, and Smith’s fanboy love of the material raised expectations. The project eventually wound up with Tim Burton (with Wesley Strick penning that version of the script) before falling apart completely. After watching Smith talk about the process below, it's easy to see why it never made it to the screen. The spider is the most dangerous killer in the insect kingdom, indeed. 

You can download Smith’s version (which he discusses in depth in the video below) by pointing your browser here.


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