New Universal Studios Attraction Pits You Against Real 'Resident Evil' Zombies

New Universal Studios Attraction Pits You Against Real 'Resident Evil' Zombies

May 28, 2013

Universal Studios is on a roll this month. First it unveiled plans for a re-creation of Springfield from The Simpsons, and now it is looking to bring the bloody world of Resident Evil to life as well. We're not talking about just a few Umbrella Corporation-themed gift shops, either. They're going to stick a gun with limited ammo in the hands of visitors and make them shoot to survive.

The gun is part of a shooting system used to train cops, though here it'll be used to track visitors as they try to fend for themselves in a re-creation of Racoon City that's been infested by zombies and other mutated creatures. It'll take about 10 minutes to run through the course, though considering each "player" is only given a limited amount of bullets, not everyone will even survive that long.

Even cooler? The zombie and creature makeup and suits are being developed by Shinichi Wakasa, a special effects veteran who has been making monster suits for Godzilla movies since the mid '80s, so they're said to look incredibly realistic -- if only the same could be said for some of the rubbery CGI and green-screen work that has overtaken the American Resident Evil movie franchise in recent years.

Now here's the bad news: you're going to have to fly to Universal Studios Japan to experience the limited-run event, which has the amusingly cheesy translated title of "Resident Evil The Real." Kotaku has a few more details about the attraction, though if you read Japanese you can check out the original Famitsu article. There's no sign it'll be coming to a stateside Universal Studios anytime soon, unfortunately, but considering zombies are more popular now than they've ever been, maybe we'll get an equivalent in due time. Resident Evil isn't nearly as much as a phenomenon here, though, but maybe we'll get a shot at a Walking Dead-themed attraction like this?

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