Check Out Jason Reitman's All-Black 'Reservoir Dogs' Cast

Check Out Jason Reitman's All-Black 'Reservoir Dogs' Cast

Feb 09, 2012


Young Adult star Jason Reitman has been directing celebrity readings of cult films, recasting famous roles with new talent. For his remake of The Breakfast Club, Reitman put Patton Oswalt in Brian Johnson's shoes — Anthony Michael Hall's feather-haired character. Reitman has also transformed the way we see The Princess Bride (swapping original cast members' roles), Shampoo, and The Apartment. EW reports that he'll now be focusing his attention on Tarantino's violent opus Reservoir Dogs, changing the race of the entire cast. 
The sold-out reading will be held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Thursday, February 16. By using all African-American stars, it's a quirky and clever play on the color-coded monikers that Tarantino's characters are known by. Reitman told the magazine, "This is kind of the first attempt at really looking at a screenplay through a different lens, and we’ll see what happens when we do that. Maybe nothing changes, or maybe the story becomes completely different." 
So far, we'll be seeing: Terrence Howard as Mr. Blonde (originally played by an unhinged Michael Madsen), Anthony Mackie as Mr. Pink (originally Steve Buscemi), Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mr. Orange (Tim Roth's original role), and Anthony Anderson as Nice Guy Eddie (formerly played by Chris Penn). There are a few remaining roles yet to be cast, including Mr. White — the role the great Harvey Keitel took on — and the one Tarantino originally played, Mr. Brown. Perhaps Reitman will surprise us by stepping into the scene. Any ideas on who you'd place in the remaining parts?

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