Aug 07, 2009


Will absence make the heart grow fonder? Warner Bros. is banking on it when it pulls three popular titles—Caddyshack, The Exorcist and Doctor Zhivago—on September 4 and puts them on moratorium until next year. This includes DVDs and all electronic versions, including video on demand. Don’t spin your head 360 degrees about it, though, and please don’t use that kind of language with Blu-ray Bob—you don’t even know my mother. All three titles will be reintroduced next year with Blu-ray debuts and anniversary editions. “We know film fans will be eagerly awaiting the return in 2010 of these iconic films,” says Jeff Baker, WHV’s Executive VP and General Manager, Theatrical Catalog. “And we’re going to make it worth the wait, with beautiful remastered prints, recovered previously lost footage, and exciting new bonus content all with the latest Blu-ray technology.” The power of cash compels them.

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