Reel TV: Fox Moves Forward On Their 'X-Men' TV Show

Reel TV: Fox Moves Forward On Their 'X-Men' TV Show

Jan 24, 2017

Superheroes have already taken over the big screen and now they're increasingly invading the small screen as well. The CW is home to a raft of great shows set in the DC Comics universe. Marvel has extended the fringes of its cinematic universe onto Netflix. And now Fox is getting in the game with a new X-Men show.

This show, which still doesn't have a title, is actually the second X-Men related show in the works, but there's a big distinction between this coming Fox show and FX' Legion. The latter, which premiers in February, is divorced from the larger world of the X-Men and in particular has nothing to do with the movie franchise. The Fox show, however, is coming from the same producing team as the movies, including longtime X-Men stalwart Bryan Singer.

The new show was conceived by Burn Notice creator Matt Nix and is about a family who discover their children are mutants, sending them on a frantic run for survival from a government seeking out all mutants. 

As of now Fox has only ordered a pilot for the show, so it's possible it never goes any further than this, but if you're a fan of the world of the X-Men, it's a curious start. It's certainly a ripe premise for a series, and if they can pull it off while still alluding to the big screen adventures of characters like Deadpool, it'll be exciting to see.

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