Recreating Our Favorite Summer Movies: The 10 Best Videos Paying Tribute to 'The Sandlot'

Recreating Our Favorite Summer Movies: The 10 Best Videos Paying Tribute to 'The Sandlot'

Jun 07, 2012

There's just something about those quintessential summer movies that sticks with us throughout our lives. Maybe it's because some of our most memorable moviegoing experiences took place during those summer months, when we were off from school, causing trouble with our friends -- when it was okay to stand in line for hours for a movie ticket, and obsess over an upcoming film for months because life was simpler back then. 

As the 2012 summer movie season begins to hit its stride, we thought it might be fun to look at the ways in which we celebrate our favorite summer movies long after they've left theaters. So, we went to YouTube, and over the course of the next couple months we'll be paying tribute to some of our favorite summer movies by digging up videos of movie fans from around the world paying tribute to them in their own weird, unique, low-budgeted ways.

Today we kick things off with The Sandlot, which was released in April of 1993, but don't let the date fool you because this really is one of the great "summer" movies of all time. The film bottles up everything we loved about summer as a kid -- the new friends, the late-night stickball games, the first loves, the exciting neighborhood adventures -- and packs it all in to an unforgettable story about a kid and a rare baseball. 

Here's what the finished film looks like ...

And now, we leave it to you ...


Recreating The Sandlot

From the beginning ...

Part 1

Part 2

Recreating the Trash-Talking Scene

Recreating The Great Bambino Speech

Recreating the Classic Pool Scene

Recreating The Sandlot in Spanish

The Beast Story, as a monologue

Give us your best "For-ev-er"


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