Reboot Mania! Fox Eyes Director for 'Fantastic Four' Re-Launch; A&E Aims to Bring 'Psycho' Prequel Series to TV

Reboot Mania! Fox Eyes Director for 'Fantastic Four' Re-Launch; A&E Aims to Bring 'Psycho' Prequel Series to TV

Jan 16, 2012

Fantastic Four posterIt’s been less than a decade since 20th Century Fox released the first Fantastic Four film, and only five years since the sequel brought Marvel’s first family to a theater near you. But since those films were largely ridiculed by general audiences and comic fans alike, there’s apparently no better time than the present for a reboot.

The studio appears keen on the idea of bringing Mr. Fantastic and his team back to life by relaunching the series (please, God, not another origin story…) and they’ve focused in on a director for the gig.

Variety says Josh Trank is the frontrunner for the unenviable task of making The Fantastic Four relevant with film fans, but he hasn’t secured the job yet. Studio execs aren’t set to formalize their offer until Trank’s new found-footage film, Chronicle, opens next month. Chronicle looks sort of interesting – so maybe Trank will be the guy to breathe new life into the FF team.

If he does, he’ll have help from screenwriter Michael Green – who was at least partially responsible for Green Lantern. Not exactly the most inspiring news, that – but maybe this time’s the charm. At least Akiva Goldsman isn’t involved anymore. That’s a silver lining, perhaps. Expect things to start moving forward on this property sometime next month.

Ready to book another stay at the Bates Hotel? A&E hopes so, as the channel is hard at work developing a new prequel television series revolving around the most infamous cross-dressing serial killer in movie history.

The channel is reportedly in the early stages of development on a new series entitled Bates Motel, which will chronicle young Norman’s early years and how he suffered at the hands of his mother and her lover before turning into an insane killer. Writer Anthony Cipriano will handle the scripting duties.

We’re not entirely sure if audiences will want to watch a series wherein a young man is so tormented by his mother that he becomes a serial killer, but with the popularity of shows like Dexter, maybe this will work out for A&E. Norman Bates has always been one of the more sympathetic slasher film villains, so it's possible that could be the hook for audiences. We'll have to wait and see as the development cycle moves forward.  [via Deadline]

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