Reality Show Contestant Directing 'Back to the Future' Love Letter, 'Great Scott'

Reality Show Contestant Directing 'Back to the Future' Love Letter, 'Great Scott'

Jan 19, 2012

Remember that reality show On the Lot? It was produced by Steven Spielberg and featured several aspiring filmmakers who shot their own short films each week and competed for the top prize of a "dream job" at DreamWorks? The show didn't do so well in the ratings, and wasn't as entertaining as Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's Project Greenlight series, but the contestants who starred have continued to work in the industry, with news arriving today that one of them is now set to direct some sort of Back to the Future love letter called Great Scott.

Moviehole tells us that Phil Hawkins (The Butterfly Tattoo) will direct the film, based in England, which centers on a bored teenager living a mundane life who would do anything to live out the adventures of his idol, Marty McFly. (Not so sure we'd do anything to make it so teenager versions of our mothers had a crush on us, but we'll go with it.) Newcomers Alex Child and Hiram Bleetman wrote the script, and filming begins this spring.

No word on whether the film will include any time-travel elements, or if our character will go in search of befriending an weird, wild-eyed scientist, but other similar films -- like Son of Ranbow and Fanboys -- definitely carried enough charm to hold our attention, so we'll keep an eye on this. Seeing as Back to the Future is one of our all-time favorites, we're no doubt curious to see where this one ends up.

Check out one of Hawkins' On the Lot shorts below, as well as what we assume is teaser artwork from the upcoming movie, courtesy of Moviehole. [via Vivek Bhat]

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