Real-Life Wolverine Saves Coworkers from Methane Explosion

Real-Life Wolverine Saves Coworkers from Methane Explosion

Feb 11, 2013

What does a recent, tragic methane explosion in Mexico City have to do with Marvel Comics superhero Wolverine? A man named Ricardo Fuentes, a worker at the Pemex oil headquarters who saved the lives of several coworkers in the accident. Still not getting it? Take a look at the picture, and it should all click. Fuentes, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the famed comic book character with the distinctive hairstyle, confessed in an interview after his heroic feat that his likeness to Wolverine isn't accidental (though Google's translation errors are):

"Resembling the character was no coincidence, as a teenager I liked the character from the comics. All my friends call me Logan, since I was in high school, this up here (his hair) ... It's not because I've got to find fame, then demanded it."

The above photograph was captured during the catastrophe, which killed 37 people. We're glad that a real-life superhero like Fuentes was around to help at least a few of his fellow employees escape, but on a less solemn note — holy cow this guy is a badass. As Geekologie points out, he's even smoking a cigar in his picture. Too perfect. Our only hope is that Fuentes doesn't get stopped by security at an airport one day like this guy, whose Wolverine claws were seized at an England airport — along with a whole lot of drugs and other weapons.

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