Another Real-Life Superhero Has Popped Up, This Time in Japan

Another Real-Life Superhero Has Popped Up, This Time in Japan

Aug 26, 2013

Tokyo's Tadahiro Kanemasu is a good citizen. He helps mothers lug their strollers down staircases. He lends a hand to strangers when needed and asks for nothing in return. He also does all this while dressed as a Power Ranger — but we think his actions prove him to be like the title character of Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass, which was adapted from the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. comic book of the same name.

"Japanese people find it hard to accept help, they feel obligated to the other person, so the mask really helps me out," Kanemasu told press. He operates out of the city's Honancho Station, which is devoid of elevators and escalators. Kanemasu seems like a polite version of Rain City Superhero Movement's Phoenix Jones, who has good intentions, but sometimes finds himself in a messy situation — like that time he pepper sprayed a group of people in an alleged fight. 

Are you over the whole real-life superhero movement, or do people like Kanemasu restore your faith in humanity?

[Via Kotaku, photo by @Nanorenai]



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