Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Fired and Banned from His Job

Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Fired and Banned from His Job

Nov 04, 2011

Poor Phoenix Jones. First he gets arrested after trying to break up what he thought was a fight, but turned out to be a little horsing around amongst friends. Now the homegrown superhero — who stalks the streets at night trying to "fight" crime — has been fired from his job as a schoolteacher. Jones AKA Ben Fodor has been forced to leave his teaching job of five years working with disabled autistic children in their homes and state facilities after being outted from an arrest. Social Services have even banned him from working with children and "vulnerable" adults for the rest of his life.

The trained MMA fighter wears a rad spandex costume and tries to help Seattle police by combing the streets for any wrongdoing. He doesn't carry any weapons, but recently he accidentally maced a group of people who appeared to be in a scuffle. Blastr says that in order to survive, the real-life superhero will probably start offering martial arts lessons, and may take his caped crusader gig into the daylight — kind of like New York City's Guardian Angels during the '70s. We kind of saw this coming, but it doesn't make the situation any less sad. The guy clearly cares about people and wants to make a difference — even if sometimes he seems slightly misguided in the way he approaches things.

Do you feel his firing is unjust, or would you want your family being taught by a real-life superhero? Discuss!

[h/t: @gholson]

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