Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Arrested for Assault

Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Arrested for Assault

Oct 11, 2011

File this story under this-was-bound-to-happen. Real-life Seattle crime fighter Phoenix Jones (AKA hubby and father, Benjamin Francis) — who leads a community of regular people-cum-superheroes (the Rain City Superhero Movement) who happen to dress up in spandex and wander the streets late at night — has been arrested for assault. Insanity? Perhaps, but Jones has always said that someone's got to do something about all the cruddy things happening to people in his home city, so he took up "arms" and got to work.

While Jones doesn't carry a gun — or have actual superhero powers (he does wear a pretty cool costume, though), he does carry a Taser, nightstick, and pepper spray. Sadly, his mace in a group of people's faces got him in trouble with the police when he allegedly assaulted (and pepper sprayed) the gang who were "dancing and having a good time." Jones apparently misunderstood the merrymakers and thought they were engaged in a fight. He claims he didn't use the spray until after he was attacked.

Police say Jones, "has had a history of injecting himself in these incidents. Recently there have been increased reports of citizens being pepper sprayed by [Francis] and his group." His supporters claim he's never been arrested for this type of incident before and stand by their man. Has Jones gone too far, or like us, did you expect something like this to happen eventually? 

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