Awesome Movie Pranks: Real-Life Movie Trailers and a 'Star Trek' Transporter Illusion That Will Freak You Out

Awesome Movie Pranks: Real-Life Movie Trailers and a 'Star Trek' Transporter Illusion That Will Freak You Out

Sep 12, 2013

Star Trek teleporter

We don’t just bring you the latest movie news and cool features here at – sometimes we like to find videos related to films that are just plain cool or funny. Today, we’ve got two to share with you.

First up, in celebration of Star Trek Into Darkness’ DVD and Blu-ray debut, we offer this very neat illusion which makes transporter technology a modern day reality… sort of.

Blinkbox and illusionist Scott Penrose set up the event in a London mall, and unsuspecting shoppers watched as seemingly random people were plucked from the crowd, placed in a teleporter chamber, and whisked around to other parts of the mall. I’ll admit, it’s a pretty great illusion – although I half expected a second “wow” moment based on how oddly the people acted after being transported from one location to another. Maybe I’ve just seen The Fly too many times…

Stick around for the end of the video, which gives you some insight into how the effect was pulled off – it’s far more low-fi than you’d believe. [via YouTube]

Next up, check out this funny clip from the guys at Break, who team up with the voice actor for Honest Trailers to make impromptu movie trailers for random people walking down the street.

Surprisingly enough, most of the comments are pretty funny for being made up mostly on the spot, and having the serious voice of the Honest Trailers guy really sells it all. Even more surprising is that most people were good sports about it. I kinda figured there’d be at least a few folks who were jerks – but if they were, they edited those folks out.

Have a look at the clip below, but make sure your boss isn’t around to see you laugh. [via Filmmaker IQ]




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