Real-Life Gang Uses Tricks They Learned from 'The Town' to Rob Local Businesses

Real-Life Gang Uses Tricks They Learned from 'The Town' to Rob Local Businesses

Oct 19, 2011

It's the job of the screenwriter to find new ways to evolve familiar plotlines, and also remain current with the times. But the problem with that when it comes to a film like The Town is your clever bank-robbing techniques will not only look cool on screen, but they may also inspire real-life crooks to use things they've learned from the movie to pull off their own heists. This isn't the first time we've seen thieves use a piece of Ben Affleck's terrific heist flick The Town in their own work. Last spring in Chicago a team of bank robbers used nun masks to disguise themselves after seeing them used in The Town, and now another set of "masterminds" from New York City say that some of their robbery maneuvers were inspired by the 2010 film as well.

Five men were able to successfully pull off 62 burglaries (everything from delis and pizza joints to other similar stores in Brooklyn in Queens) by using a lot of the same tactics seen in the film (from what they told detectives), like pouring bleach on ATMs and cash draws to get rid of DNA evidence and cutting power to use headlamps while carrying out their crimes. At the end of the day the five were caught, though, and are now awaiting arraignment after snagging a total haul of around $217,000. (Check out a scene from The Town which shows off some of those same tactics.)

When it comes to crime films like this, should writer pay attention to the little details they're adding into the script that could be used in real-life crimes, or is it the writer's job to tell the most believable story and the city's job to prevent those crimes?

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