Real-Life Batmen Take to the Streets in Brazil and Slovakia

Real-Life Batmen Take to the Streets in Brazil and Slovakia

Mar 12, 2012

Slovakian Batman

If you ever found yourself wondering what it would be like if Batman were real, these two news stories should help allay your curiosity.

Late last week, a news story about a city in Brazil hiring a 50-year-old Andre Luiz Pinheiro to don the Dark Knight’s costume and fight crime took the Internet by storm. Sounds awesome, but also incredibly dangerous. Before you start worrying about Mr. Pinheiro’s well-being, some new facts have come to light.

While early reports read like Pinheiro was hired to gear up and take the fight directly to criminals, it turns out that’s not the case. The military veteran won’t be lurking in the shadows taking down evil-doers at all, but instead he will be the figurehead of a movement to encourage the local community to get involved with assisting the police in solving crimes and preventing violence. Wow. That’s not nearly as exciting, but we wish Mr. Pinheiro the best.

Meanwhile, Brazil isn’t the only place outside of Gotham City with their very own Caped Crusader. 26-year-old Zoltan Kohari is better known to residents of Dunajka Streda as “The Slovakian Batman.” Kohari, who is unemployed and lives in a building with no electricity, running water, or heat, dons a black leather costume and assists the locals with their daily chores in return for food and other essentials. He hasn’t fought crime yet, but he’s still out there doing good deeds for others. We suspect the real Batman would be okay with that. 

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