Real-Life 'Footloose' Dance Emergency in South Florida

Real-Life 'Footloose' Dance Emergency in South Florida

Apr 17, 2012

Kevin Bacon's Ren in Footloose would be so pissed right now. Florida town Weston has officially banned nightclubs, dance halls, and skating rinks in an attempt to curb crime and keep uruly crowds of teens just wanting to have fun in check. Apparently problems with shootings in clubs have doubled in the past year according to a recent report.

The city was also concerned about drug and alcohol abuse happening in local nightspots, and they admit that the noise and traffic wasn't helping matters either. Kids can still attend school dances — which as you know aren't exactly the rocking good times they're really craving — or they can head to the neighboring south Florida towns, thereby shifting the problem rather than actually dealing with it. Someone cue Kenny Loggins to start the music!



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