Real-Life 'Corpse Bride' Marries Groom During Her Funeral

Real-Life 'Corpse Bride' Marries Groom During Her Funeral

Jan 18, 2012

Somewhere, Tim Burton is cackling like a mad man.
A young man in Thailand recently married the woman of his dreams, but he won't be spending the rest of his life with her — physically anyway. Chadil Deffy was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Sarinya Kamsook, but she died during an unfortunate car accident just days before the couple was to be married. Apparently an overcrowded hospital left her waiting six hours for medical attention, which means her life could have been spared had she been seen by a doctor in a timely fashion. Yikes. The tragic tale continues, as Deffy had been postponing the wedding that was to unite him with his ladylove until he finished his education. To make sure his soul mate was granted her greatest wish, Deffy married her corpse during a Buddhist ceremony — a strange funeral/wedding torn from the page of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride script. 
A somewhat creepy and weep-worthy video — completely with horrible love ballad — was created, showing snapshots from the memorable event. We're hesitant to share the clip here, but it does indeed confirm that the ceremony wasn't some kind of publicity stunt. Of course, this is the Internet so there's always a chance. Visit Oddity Central for more details (you'll have to wait until the SOPA blackout is over) and hug the one you love. Now. Today. Immediately.





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