Real-Life '127 Hours' Story Finds Another Man Trapped in the Same Canyon

Real-Life '127 Hours' Story Finds Another Man Trapped in the Same Canyon

Sep 26, 2011

In another example of truth being stranger than fiction comes a story about a North Carolina man who inadvertently reenacted Danny Boyle's 127 Hours, based on the unfortunate accident that mountain climber Aron Ralston — played by James Franco in the movie — suffered through. Ralston was canyoneering in Utah when a suspended boulder pinned and crushed him against a canyon wall. He was forced to amputate his right arm in order to break free. Amos Wayne Richards found himself stuck in a similar predicament after falling ten feet in the same canyon.
There must be some kind of ancient evil lurking in Little Blue John Canyon for Richards to have an accident like Ralston's, but luckily the 64-year-old man was able to keep all his limbs. He did, however, break a leg on his solo hike and dragged himself five miles across the rocky terrain to make his way back to his car. With very little food and only rainwater to drink, Rangers eventually found him only a couple of miles from his vehicle, rescuing him to safety.
Can we all just stop hiking in this canyon now for crying out loud?
[via SLT]

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