The Owner of the Iconic 'Goonies' House Has Had Enough With Your Nostalgia

The Owner of the Iconic 'Goonies' House Has Had Enough With Your Nostalgia

Aug 19, 2015

Movie fans love to visit famous shooting locations. If you're visiting New York City and grew up in the '80s, you'll want to check out the Ghostbusters firehouse as much as the Empire State Building. Headed to Chicago? Check out nearby Maine North High School, seen in The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in addition to Willis Tower (also seen in Ferris Bueller).

But if you make a trip to Astoria, Oregon, feel free to visit the elementary school from Kindergarten Cop but stay away from the iconic house from The Goonies. The current owner of the place, an admitted lover of The Goonies who has been there since 2001, is so tired of fans showing up that she has covered much of her own abode with blue tarps.

When Sandi Preston moved in, Goonies tourism was slow. Then it picked up with the 20th anniversary in 2005 and for years she was accommodating. She would just request that you park down the street and walk up to see the house. Once she let a woman scatter her son's ashes in her garden because he had loved the movie so much.

But the numbers have increased in the last few years. This summer, thanks to the movie's 30th anniversary, the count is reportedly up to 1,200 to 1,500 people a day. And of course a lot of those people don't just stop by for a photo opportunity. They trespass and bother Preston and leave their trash behind. 

Astoria's government has tried to help matters, putting signs up warning tourists that the property or street is off limits to non-residents, but they don't seem to work. Meanwhile, the city did hold a three day event celebrating the Goonies anniversary this past June, and while Preson's home wasn't officially a part of the festivities, obviously the fans made their own plans.

Well, now we can probably add the Goonies house to the list of iconic movie locations you can no longer visit. I mean, you can still show up there, but just know that you're upsetting another person. Also, the selfie you wish to take with the place in the background isn't going to look that good anymore.



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