Who Needs E.T.? What a Future with Flying Bicycles Might Look Like

Who Needs E.T.? What a Future with Flying Bicycles Might Look Like

Jun 24, 2013


A bunch of Czech companies worked together to create a flying bicycle. It's not quite the real-life hoverboard we've been dreaming about since Back to the Future Part II, but it's an amazing spectacle that makes us pine for our very own E.T. to ride through the night sky with. Geekologie shares that "the rig weighs [209 pounds] and consists of a bicycle, a large electric rotor in the front and back, and a smaller one on each side." Since it's still in the test phase, it's not capable of lifting an actual human being yet (which is kind of the point, jeez), so the figure you see flying through a warehouse is a dummy test pilot. The future is pretty amazing, guys.

The inventors may have some competition, though. Just days ago, CNN reported that British inventors John Foden and Yannick Read created the XploreAir Paravelo — a two-wheeled flying bike that can travel up to 15 miles per hour on land and 25 miles in the air. The coolest part is that it can reach up to 4,000 feet high. "The Wright brothers were former bicycle mechanics so there's a real connection between cycling and the birth of powered flight that is recaptured in the spirit of the Paravelo," Foden told CNN.

I'm dreaming of riding through the city with no car doors slamming into me and not having to worry about drivers who purposefully try to run bikers off the road. What bliss! Watch both bikes in action, below.


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