Read: What Is Bane Saying in 'The Dark Knight Rises' Prologue?

Read: What Is Bane Saying in 'The Dark Knight Rises' Prologue?

Dec 19, 2011

So if you went to see Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol on IMAX screens over the weekend, many of you also saw the much buzzed-about Dark Knight Rises prologue (read our take on it here), introducing Tom Hardy's Bane as the villain by way of a fantastic action sequence involving two planes in mid-air. The scene is great -- and it makes total sense as an introduction for the rough, tough, brawler Bane -- but one of the biggest problems many have with the scene is that you can't understand a lick of what Bane is saying through that mask. Director Christopher Nolan has said they'll be cleaning up some of the dialogue, but also cautioned that he wants some of what Bane says to be hard to decipher. It's just part of his master plan to make you want to watch his films over and over and over until you figure it all out. Thankfully, for those who do want to know what Bane is saying during that prologue, some script pages have found their way online courtesy of WWTDD, unmasking the mysterious Bane dialogue.

We caution that these pages do include spoilers for those who haven't seen the prologue, and may not be official pages. However the dialogue does seem to line up with what was on screen, and so if anything consider this simply a transcription. Check out a couple pages below, and more over at WWTDD.

What did you think of the prologue? Fitting introduction for the new Bat-villain, or not as thrilling as you had hoped for?




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