Read: The CDC Releases a Comic Chronicling How to Survive the Zombie Pandemic

Read: The CDC Releases a Comic Chronicling How to Survive the Zombie Pandemic

Oct 20, 2011

Cover for the CDC's zombie comicYou know zombies have utterly and completely infiltrated the collective consciousness of this country when even the Center for Disease Control is putting out comics on how to survive a zombie apocalypse…

Earlier this year, the governmental agency charged with keeping us all safe from the countless diseases lurking out there that could bring humanity to its knees finally got around to addressing how they’d deal with a zombie outbreak. Apparently, this convinced some higher-ups at the agency that a more detailed strategy was needed to allay public concern, and a comic book guide for those wanting to prepare for the day when our undead overlords take over Earth was created.

Entitled Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic, the handily illustrated guide weaves a fictional tale wherein the dead rise and walk the Earth. Unlike countless zombie films, the heroes of this tale aren’t men and women armed with machetes trying to rebuild humanity, but are instead the scientists at the CDC (and the guy in charge of the warehouse – which was a particularly nice touch…) who find a way to create a zombie vaccine and save the world.

The whole comic is really a cleverly constructed tool to get people to prepare an emergency survival kit that will be useful in any type of disaster. We do question how useful this list would be in the face of a zombie outbreak, only because it never once makes mention of guns, bladed objects, or other improvised weaponry. When the zombie pandemic hits, you’re going to want to be armed. Even the CDC knows the military won’t be able to handle the walking dead…

With Halloween right around the corner, now’s as a good a time as any to study up for the end of times. Head here for a full PDF version of the comic. Read and learn it – you never know when this stuff could save your life!

[via Neatorama]

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