Read 'Alien: Engineers,' the Screenplay That Eventually Became 'Prometheus'

Read 'Alien: Engineers,' the Screenplay That Eventually Became 'Prometheus'

Nov 12, 2012

Before Damon Lindelof was hired to write another draft of Prometheus, John Spaihts had written a version called Alien: Engineers that was much closer to being an Alien movie than what eventually wound up on-screen. Remember we told you before how during Shaw and Holloway's lovemaking moment, the latter was supposed to find a little Alien burst out of his chest mid-climax? That never happened -- the big alien-coming-out scene was saved for Shaw later on in the movie, but it was in Spaihts' original draft, along with other Alien franchise regulars like facehuggers.

That draft has now found its way online (courtesy of Prometheus Movie), with Spaihts himself confirming on Twitter that it's "authentic." While not incredibly different from the final version, this pre-Lindelof script has its pros (more facehuggers!) and cons (the story is still all over the place), just like the movie does, but if you're interested in seeing what it looked like before Lindelof became involved, give it a read right here.

[via Bleeding Cool]


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