These Classic Movies Are Getting Awesome New Retro Action Figures

These Classic Movies Are Getting Awesome New Retro Action Figures

Aug 18, 2014

Escape from New York action figure

Retro is in these days, and it’s hard to get more retro for toy geeks than the Kenner Star Wars action figures of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Many a geek (including yours truly) grew up waging the Battle of Hoth on our living room floor with the tiny, barely articulated action figures from the film. Most of those toys were lost over the years thanks to overzealous mothers (although I still have a Darth Vader Head Collector’s Case filled with all my original Star Wars guys), and now fetch a pretty penny online.

If you miss that old style of action figure, ReAction Figures has you covered. The company, which is a combination of San Francisco-based toy maker Super7 and Funko, has revealed a new line of figures – based on properties that didn’t have their own toy series. That’s right – you can now own your very own Snake Plissken action figure.


The guys at ReAction studied those original Kenner figures to get the right feel, then updated their models ever so slightly so they possessed “the proper level of sh***y” in the words of Super7 owner Brian Flynn. The end result is a group of figures that inspires both nostalgia and awe.


With figures based on characters from The Goonies, Back to the Future and Alien, it’s safe to assume these things are going to be a hit. The $10 price tag per figure is a bit more than we paid for the Kenner toys back in the day (I remember Star Wars figures selling for like $2.49 back in my childhood), but it’s well worth it to have some of these classic characters immortalized in action-figure form.

Check out Super7’s website for a list of available figures.

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