Rare Finds: Martin Scorsese's Childhood Halloween Costume Is Adorable

Rare Finds: Martin Scorsese's Childhood Halloween Costume Is Adorable

Oct 29, 2013

It wouldn’t be a Halloween around the Movies.com office without sharing at least one photo of Hollywood’s finest dressed up for the occasion. Here’s a great shot of Martin Scorsese at his Queens, New York home in 1948, in an Indian costume. The Hugo director suffered from asthma as a child, which forced him off the playground — but it helped him develop a passion for film as his older brother frequently took him to the movie theater. Thanks to Tumblr Cinephilia and Beyond for snagging this adorable, rare photo.

While we’re on the subject of rarities, the Playlist has uncovered a 20-minute documentary by Scorsese, written by Gangs of New York, Age of Innocence and Mean Streets collaborator Jay Cocks, that enters the world of fashion icon Giorgio Armani. The 1990 short isn’t available on DVD yet, but you can catch a peek at a visual history of Armani, and his preparations for a fashion show, below. Armani is one of the backers of Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation — an organization devoted to the preservation and restoration of neglected world cinema, with an advisory board that would make any cineaste squeal with delight (Guillermo del Toro, Wong Kar-Wai and Wim Wenders included). Documentary shorts like this are few and far between for the director, so check out Made in Milan while it’s still available online.



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