Watch: A Rare (and Amazing) 47-Minute Interview with David Lynch

Watch: A Rare (and Amazing) 47-Minute Interview with David Lynch

Jun 18, 2013

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David Lynch has rarely offered insight on the subtext of his surreal films. "A film is its own thing. And in an ideal world, I think film should be discovered knowing nothing, and nothing should be added to it, and nothing should be subtracted from it," he tells interviewer Mark Cousins in this documentary series Scene by Scene.

"When you make a film, you're making a different kind of reality," the director goes on to say. Lynch invites us to share some of his own reality in the uncommonly lengthy interview. He admits he prefers to stay lost in his own world, which is why he used to wear three neckties. "I just, I felt vulnerable," he reveals. 'I had things that I wanted to do, but I didn't like being in the world so much.  Out in the world. I liked being inside." Lynch looks for signs in his work, which is how Frank Silva wound up playing Bob in the filmmaker's TV series Twin Peaks. The set decorator was accidentally captured in the mirror of a scene, which quickly became part of the story. "A lot of things that happen are maybe food for thought, but it ends up being useless, but some of those things are such great gifts you can't imagine," Lynch explains.

The director goes on to share other personal anecdotes, so watch the 47-minute interview for a crash course on David Lynch.

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