Update: Dwayne Johnson Will Battle Giant Monsters in 'Rampage' for 'San Andreas' Director

Update: Dwayne Johnson Will Battle Giant Monsters in 'Rampage' for 'San Andreas' Director

Jul 22, 2015

Update 7/22/15: It's now being reported that Rampage will be directed by Brad Peyton, who last teamed with Dwayne Johnson on the hit earthquake movie San Andreas.


Previously: In the classic arcade game Rampage, users would be able to control one of three monsters -- a giant lizard, a giant gorilla or a giant wolf -- as they climb up various buildings and destroy cities. You were in charge of wrecking said buildings as these monsters while avoiding those trying to stop you, but in the upcoming movie adaptation -- in the works for a few years now --  it'll be the other way around.

With San Andreas grossing over $400 million proving Dwayne Johnson might be today's hottest action star, it's no wonder others are itching to sign him up for more big, giant disaster movies. Such is the case with Rampage -- a game that's essentially San Andreas with monsters -- which will star Johnson as a man who battles those rampaging monsters in some fashion.

Fans of the game will recall that when a monster was defeated they shrunk down to become their human counterparts, so while no other plot details have been revealed, there is a chance The Rock will actually play one of the monsters -- maybe the only way to defeat them is to become them? Hmmm...

Rampage joins a growing list of projects The Rock is involved in, including a remake of the '80s action-comedy Big Trouble in Little China. Currently he can be seen in San Andreas, as well as on the new HBO show Ballers.

Did you play Rampage growing up? What do you hope to see from the movie?

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