Still No 'Rambo' Sequel, but Here's an Insanely Violent 'Rambo' Video Game

Still No 'Rambo' Sequel, but Here's an Insanely Violent 'Rambo' Video Game

Jul 11, 2013

Have you ever found yourself watching a Rambo movie and thinking, man, this is cool and all, but why can't I be the one to stab a person in the throat with a knife the size of a man's arm?! Congratulations, you're in luck! And maybe in need of a few sessions on a couch, but we'll just go with luck for now.

The creatively titled Rambo: The Video Game promises exactly this. It offers to put players into the blood-soaked boots of John Rambo throughout various scenes from First Blood, First Blood Part II and Rambo III. But not 2008's Rambo, which was apparently off limits to the game's developer, Teyon, makers of games like 101 Dolphin Pets, Mini Golf Resort and Aqua Park Tycoon. Apparently the company's creatives got real tired of making the cuddly stuff, though, because judging by this trailer they've made Rambo: The Video Game substantially more graphic than Stallone's movies ever were.

The game itself looks rough around the edges, but if you're a die-hard Rambo fan, you're probably not going to care that it's a safe distance away from the cutting edge. All you're going to want is to see Stallone (or as close to him as these polygons can render) and hear his voice, and thanks to a deal Teyon made with the films' owner (Studiocanal), you will. Teyon licensed all of Sylvester Stallone and Richard Crenna's lines from the first three films and are using that audio in the game.

Check it out, and do let us know how it looks to you. Is this the Rambo video game you always wanted? Or are you just going to stick to watching the movies?

WARNING: Graphic content makes this NSFW

Before you go, though, we've got one more video game to show you. It doesn't have anything directly to do with movies, but it's a fitting follow up to the above, murder-happy trailer. Presenting Viscera Cleanup Detail, a simulator where you play as the janitor on a space station who has to clean up the horrible mess left behind after humans battle aliens.

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