Sylvester Stallone May Make One More 'Rambo' Inspired by 'No Country for Old Men'

Sylvester Stallone May Make One More 'Rambo' Inspired by 'No Country for Old Men'

Jun 23, 2014

Like most movie franchises these days, the Rambo series is regularly brought up with regards to the chance of another installment. In the six years since the release of part four, simply titled Rambo, we've been teased about a fifth a number of times, with alternating reports that it'll never happen. The latest news is on the positive side.

According to the German site Splended Film (via, which provided the translation), Sylvester Stallone has a script for Rambo V, which involves the title character going up against a Mexican drug cartel, and he's said to think of it as his version of No Country for Old Men. Avi Lerner, who produced the last movie and is developing an unrelated Rambo TV series, is also on board.

This isn't the first time we've heard about the cartel idea for a Rambo movie. Back in 2012, Stallone said it'd be set in an Arizona border town, that he doesn't think John Rambo likes Mexicans and hinted that this would be the last, with the character dying at the end just as he was supposed to in the first movie -- if it were to be faithfully adapted from the novel, that is.

If we go back another year further, there was that script for Rambo: Last Stand, the title for which couldn't possibly be used now after Schwarzenegger starred in a movie with a similar title that also was set in an Arizona border town and involved a drug kingpin. The idea then was to do something relatively low-key, "more in line with the small-town thriller of First Blood." That would be pretty great after the build over the course of three sequels, the last of which was over the top. And that fits with the No Country comment.

Apparently that means the sci-fi Rambo movie is really a done deal, too. You may recall that a while back there was report of Stallone adapting the James Byron Huggins novel Hunted as Rambo V, and that would see the Vietnam vet turned action hero tracking a half-human monster created through genetic experimenting by the U.S. military.

That would have brought the series somehow to an even more ridiculous peak than Rambo took it, so it's refreshing to hear that if there is another sequel that it will come more full circle to resemble the original. It's hard to imagine Hollywood going for something so small, but if Stallone really wants this to happen, he can always go back to Kickstarter to prove the fans will still be there.

With The Expendables 3 coming out in August, and with it plenty of press involving Stallone, we'll likely be hearing more comment on Rambo V very soon.




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