Watch: Elaborate 'Rain' Short Film Shows Storm Doesn't Need the X-Men

Watch: Elaborate 'Rain' Short Film Shows Storm Doesn't Need the X-Men

May 18, 2016

Rain Short Film

Fandom often shows itself in many different forms. Cosplay, tattoos, posters, toy collections, constant line quoting, even naming children after characters. But few parts of fandom show off obsession quite like the fan film. They can take surprising amounts of money and, perhaps more crucially, time, as evidence by Rain, a 23-minute elaborate labor of fan love for X-Men's Storm.

Rain is essentially a dream come true for star Maya Glick, whose pitch for the project explained that her own rough childhood left her feeling a bit like a mutant. Then she randomly discovered the X-Men and Storm and quickly latched onto a powerful icon that, despite being fictitious, made her feel a little less alone in the world. That may sound sappy, but it's an endearing example of how we all have our own relationships with pop culture, and how some of them can be quite powerful and lasting.

A while ago Glick took to Kickstarter, raised a sizable chunk of money, assembled a crew of producers and directors and set out to pay tribute to the character that meant so much to her. It's certainly a different, more mature, more battered down take on Storm than the Halle Berry version, so check it out.

And if you're curious to see a bit of behind-the-scenes action on the production, check out this video from co-director/VFX artist Zane Rutledge.


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